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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Until your mind (way of thinking and seeing life) and your soul (way of living – character) gets free, you can never be free. You will continue the destructive cycle that has been laid out for you, by a society that cares nothing for you. Your only value to them is their bottom line – money. This is why you must find the reason for which you were created, and its significance for the time in which you live. What contribution(s) are you meant to make in the world before your time runs out?

If one thing is true then the opposite must also be true. For example, if you are a non-smoker then by your lifestyle you are saying that you do not agree with smoking. A non-drug user is saying by their lifestyle that they do not agree with using drugs. And the list goes on. My point is this; knowing your purpose requires taking a stand for what you were put on this earth to accomplish. In addition, you must be willing to stand out (be different) from the crowd. No one can stop you, once your mind is set to fulfill your Destiny.

It is like this; everyone has the right to do what he or she wants, within the confines of the law. However, there are those gray areas of life that are not regulated by laws. Therefore, it is important to know that although you have a right to choose, does not mean that every choice is right. Moreover, with every right or privilege comes a responsibility to do what is right.

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