Fads, Trends & Foolishness – Part II

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Fads and trends are tools of manipulation and forms of brainwashing. You have to take control of your life or the world around you will do it for you, but with no regard for you or your Destiny. The world even manipulates those in “High Society,” to play the fad and trend game. The famous red carpet seen prior to some award shows has nothing to do with honoring those nominated. It is all about marketing and making money, which is their bottom line.

The fashion industry goes crazy trying to get the right tuxedo or dress on the right actor or actress – knowing that some sucker will want to buy it after they have worn it once. Moreover, most of the nominees and presenters get goody bags worth thousands of dollars. They are packed with products for them to wear and show, as they happen to be out for their morning coffee, bagel or whatever else. The public sees these items and cannot stop talking about what they saw and how to get one.

It does not matter that the celebrities did not buy the stuff themselves. Nor does it matter how much it cost or that the manufacturer made thousands of the same product – knowing that once exposed, the public will scramble to buy it. However, none of this matters because millions of people have been conditioned to respond this way to the, “latest and greatest” regardless of how ridiculous or expensive it may be. Trust me; this is the oldest con in the book – a trap that takes more than just your money but also your soul (uniqueness).

Side Note: There is nothing wrong with admiring your favorite celebrities. However, do not just admire but also be inspired. Too often, people do not use their admiration of another person’s success as inspiration to obtain their own success. They remain spectators in the game of life instead of players.

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