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The Price of Destiny – Will You Pay It?

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

To obtain your Destiny, you must fully accept all that is required of you. To whatever degree you are not willing to embrace the responsibilities that are set before you, will be the degree you will struggle – jeopardizing your future. However, when you settle in your heart the price you must pay, it will enable you to deal with the challenges that come to test your resolve. You are no longer surprised when the storms come or when others say you cannot fulfill your dream. You will continue to press because you have embraced the vision and the process for fulfilling it. Your determination will be unshakable and your heart unmovable. You have to make up your mind and go for it.

Paying the price for Destiny is much like going to a very nice and expensive restaurant. After having a nice meal you really do not mind paying the bill, regardless of the cost. In fact, if the meal and service was good enough you will even give a big tip. Well, Destiny tastes good to the soul and is worth every penny both, financial and emotional to partake of it.

Once it is in you, it will begin to shine out of you. People will look and notice something different about your walk. They will hear something different in your talk. They might be so bold as to ask you; “Have you been eating at Destiny Cafe?” Then you will smile and proudly say; “Yes, I have.” 

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Vision is Everything and Reality is Nothing

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So much of what we see is subject to change and if given enough time, it will. However, what you see in your mind is more real than what you perceive with your five senses. There is nothing created by people that did not first start in someone’s mind as an idea or vision. Moving from recognizing what is in you to carrying it out requires having a vision. Your Destiny has to be clear in your mind if you are to fulfill it. If you cannot see where you want to go in life then it will be impossible to get there. You must have a vision of Destiny. Moreover, you have to make sure you picked the right vision. If you pick the wrong vision then you will pay a heavy price to accomplish that vision, versus the right one. You do not want to spend your life doing something that is not in line with your Destiny. Chances are you are already doing that.

Having a vision is crucial for a successful life. It gives your life direction and focus. It also reveals what it will take (cost) to get there. Having a vision will guide, guard and govern your life when you embrace it. Even those who fall on “hard times” will need a vision in order to move from despair to Destiny. This is why every parent should instill in their children an understanding of Destiny and purpose for their life. Moreover, a parent’s job is not finished until their child or children are mature enough to make intelligent and positive decisions, while accepting full responsibility when they do not. This does not come automatically when they turn 18. Part of my success today is due to what my parents taught me as a child.

Some believe that the answer for helping young people stay out of trouble is to create more programs. When I was growing up, we did not have recreation centers or programs to occupy our time. We used our imagination and the guidance of our parents to occupy our time. Young people do not need more programs to occupy their time. They simply need more vision. Unfortunately, most of us were not encouraged to follow our dreams or passions as children. Instead, we were told to get a job.

In addition, society has taught us to pursue money when we really should pursue our Destiny. Everything you need to succeed is already in you. It is like my daughter, who cannot read or write yet. However, the ability to do so is already in her. This is why she goes to school to learn and to bring out her natural abilities. Her mind is made to receive information and to comprehend (process) that information – enabling her to grow in her abilities. With time, she will not only learn how to read and write, but will master it.

In this natural process of learning, she will discover her own uniqueness. Throughout the years, her teachers and her mother and I will celebrate and encourage her to be her best. This is what our young people need today. They need adults in their lives who believe in them, adults who will take time to encourage and help them discover their true potential – Destiny. This is the key to their success and the future of the world. Unfortunately, the world classifies people based upon one of the following categories:

The Poor are typically those with or without a job and are barely making it financially. They work hard but have very little to show for their efforts. Life for them is a daily struggle with no end in sight.

The Middle Class are typically those with a career (professionals) and are doing okay financially. They are able to pay all their bills and live comfortably with a little money left over to save or take a vacation, every two years or so.

The Rich are typically those with a dream that employ the poor and middle class to fulfill that dream. They are doing very well financially with more than enough to meet their financial and material needs and the lives of those around them.

Which of these categories have you allowed society to label you? 

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