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It’s Time to Start Living

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Most people wake up Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday, to go to work and earn a paycheck. Then they take that paycheck and cash it so they can pay bills, buy food, clothing, etc. They may put some money aside for a “rainy day” or pay off some accumulated debt. That is pretty much the definition of their life: working, paying bills, and buying stuff. It is a never-ending cycle leading nowhere. Then one day unexpectedly, it is here, their final day on earth – death. As they look back over their life, it hits them like a ton of bricks that they never really lived.

Many live their life playing it safe, only to get to the end with a bag full of regrets and shattered dreams. This is one of the greatest tragedies of the human experience. When death comes knocking, your eyes are open wider than they have ever been but “Father Time” has caught up with you and there are no extensions available. Death is the ultimate “Wakeup Call.” Unfortunately, when it comes, it is too late to do what you could have, should have, or would have done. Well, consider this book to be your official “wakeup call before it is too late. Life is a one shot, non-negotiable privilege that we should not waste.

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