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5 Stars Review The Fresh Voice of Today’s Culture!, June 1, 2010 – Amazon.com

For Adults Only speaks volumes to the current state of the heart. In a time where so many are being swayed by various doctrines, fads, and popular culture, this book challenges you to rise up and live a fulfilling and purposeful life that is rooted and grounded in the truth. Mr. Jimason’s unapologetic voice is bold, refreshing, and so needed in today’s culture. This book is a must have for those in pursuit of their Destiny!” – Sheritha Bowman, Author of Life After Sunday


 4 Stars Review When you are ready to live your dreams…, May 29, 2010

For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny. If you have ever had a dream that you feel that you want to fulfill but are not quite sure of how you can make it happen, this book is for you. James A. Jimason takes the time to give you honest feedback and suggestions on how you can take control of your dreams and make them a reality.

“I enjoyed the blunt and honesty of this book. Guidance is provided in an urgency to inspire one’s destiny. While there are many points that are a matter of opinion, the author speaks his truth through his experiences in the pages giving real life examples of why he feels a certain way. I liked the fact that after each chapter there are pages where the reader can make notes and the book club discussion questions available throughout the book as well. The book was well written and well edited which is a definite plus!

“While I enjoyed the section geared specifically towards authors, there were some portions that were too enthralled in personal opinion that sometimes left the objectivity out of the equation. As people will see things differently it is understandable to voice your opinion but some of the opinionated views were borderline discouraging for writers of other genres. When talking about ways to unlock one’s destiny the goal is to inspire and while one person’s dreams might be far from your own if there is even a hint of a discouraging word it could cause the message to be lost. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion; I’m just not sure that in a book meant to inspire that this should be the platform for such. The stories of his personal experiences when traveling to events was enlightening and all in all it makes for a good read.” – Nikkea Smithers, Author, Poet & President of RWA Bookclub

For Adults Only is right on time. I agree with what you said about “if you don’t smoke then you are against smoking. You talk about facing fears, not giving up and just stress destiny. God has really used you and I thank you for listening to God and obeying him by writing this book. Thanks for explaining the process you had to go through to become an author and sharing your experiences. I enjoyed your book and it made me realize that even though I want to quit when things get tough, that I can’t or I will miss my destiny. God Bless” – Rirette

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Dante’s Destiny is a fast-paced, entertaining read from a truly creative soul. With his imaginative tale of struggle and redemption, Jimason engages both your mind and heart in due consideration of the unseen influences that daily sway us. Additionally, his very-real depiction of events and circumstances in the not-too-distant future give you more than pause when you consider just how close we really are to them now. Though a work of fiction, Jimason’s tale could just as easily serve as a treatise on the long-term consequences of social irresponsibility and governmental neglect. With non-stop action, vivid characters, and enough plot twists to make you go back and read each chapter twice, Dante’s Destiny is a truly satisfying experience for readers of all ages. Highly recommended.” – Josee Morgan for Apex Reviews


 Dante’s Destiny starts with a bang, chronicling Dante’s life as he grows from boy to manhood, and the journey is enthralling. The Simms family surround Dante and are there to help him buffer the harsh realities he faces as all of the hard times and tribulations skewer his life. A child plagued by dreams, he frets and struggles to understand their meanings and the significance of it all. A young man who has seen the ravages of prostitution, drugs, alcohol and violence taking over his community, Dante has a desire to make his life count for something by helping others. Giving them help and hope for a better future. What will it take to make this come to pass is the question and will Dante and the warriors of light be able to withstand the attacks of their more than capable opponents of the unseen evil realm? A truly insightful book for anyone interested in good and evil (spiritual warfare) and how evil seems to prevail…….. And yet, the reader must remember,” nothing is what it seems”……. or is it? This book became a favorite of mine before I even completed it and I highly recommend it to anyone.  Great read and Kudos to James A. Jimason.”  Amazon Rating – 4 – Vicki J. Austin, Author & Poet

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5 Stars Review Destiny is Fulfilled, August 31, 2009 – Amazon.com

“While reading the first chapter or opening chapter, there were so many important questions to ponder. Since I am a dreamer, I have to accept the “appointed time,” which is when God feels I am ready to receive it. He also points out, Joseph (dreamer), who shared his dreams with his family that were not receptive to it. They felt he was arrogant and prideful. Therefore, we have to be careful who we share our dreams and visions that God bestows to us, since they may be jealous and only speak words of doubt and unbelief because they cannot visualize it for their own lives.

Once again, James A. Jimason delivers a heartrending, in your face book that has me not only thinking, but changing my mind-set and spiritual walk with God. It also encourages me to keep writing inspirational/spiritual nonfiction books. Not only is this book powerful, it is also spirit-filled, thought-provoking, and a realization of what it takes to be a real Christian. Some counterparts that the author touched on are embracing your Destiny; identification is needed to become a disciple of, Jesus Christ; and to face the temptations the enemy throws in our path, to keep our Destiny out of reach.

This book was worth every penny. I look forward to giving a copy or two as holiday gifts, to those who want to establish a closer relationship with God and to fulfill their Destiny.” – Adrienna Turner, author of The Day Begins with Christ”

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5 Stars Review A Must Read!, April 7, 2009 – Amazon.com
God’s House is compelling and very timely. It’s an affirming read for those who are at a crossroads concerning their place of worship. The honesty and forthrightness of this book is needed now more than ever before. God bless you mightily for this book.” – Sheritha Bowman, Author of Diary of a Woman Pastor
5 Stars Review Bring Ministry Back to the Heart of God, July 16, 2009 – Amazon.com
James Jimason elaborates on the divine connection to get to the heart of God, heart of Jesus, heart of the Holy Spirit and the heart of the matter.

One of the most controversial chapters is the heart of the pastor. We need to remove the “spiritual blinders” and acknowledge the grip of true ministry. This chapter not only opened my eyes to God’s truths, but allowed me to digest spiritual nutrients of God’s Word on leading the flock. Furthermore, spiritual father, a title used loosely today in many churches, is a tool to build the pastor’s ego among the members in the congregation. Many are focused on “titles” instead of glorifying God’s spiritual gifts given to minister–go out and make disciples. Love + service=ministry.

“This book is well-needed for ministers, pastors, and members in the congregation to return to the heart of ministry and divine relationship with God. Moreover, the true intentions of this book is to educate, edify, and build the person in their ministry walk. We are to see our selfish tendencies by replacing it with God’s love, teachings of Jesus, and understanding God’s divine intentions for those of us in leadership or acting in God’s calling.” – Adrienna Turner, author of The Day Begins with Christ”

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