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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Just when you think it’s safe to celebrate the change of direction for your life, something weird happens. Time marches on and you do not see much fruit from your labor. This is where faith and endurance are essential to your dream’s survival. Although you have made it out of the endless cycle of fads and trends, you still have yet to fulfill your Destiny. Until then, you will find yourself in a place of transition – a place called The Wilderness. The wilderness has a negative effect on the mind, body, and soul. It will challenge your resolve for fulfilling your Destiny.

All of a sudden, confusion bombards your mind and nothing makes sense anymore. Your dream looks a little cloudy and the future is unsure. You check the clock and only a short time has passed. Your excitement of pursuing your dream slowly begins to fade because it is taking much longer to manifest than you expected. Questions flood your mind with no answers to what you see and feel. It is as if you are walking in circles, getting nowhere.

Your sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing will do you no good in the wilderness. It is only that extra sense, called faith that will give you the victory over the illusions of the wilderness. Many people have confidence in what they can see in the natural. However, life will always be subject to change. Therefore, if what you see in the natural contradicts the desires of your heart, it can have a negative effect on your resolve.

Do not allow what you can or cannot see, discourage you from fulfilling your Destiny. Things may not appear to be going the way they need to, for you to accomplish your Destiny. At times, you may become overwhelmed and feel like giving up. Hang in there and do not get comfortable with your surroundings because you are not staying.

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The Price of Destiny – Will You Pay It?

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

To obtain your Destiny, you must fully accept all that is required of you. To whatever degree you are not willing to embrace the responsibilities that are set before you, will be the degree you will struggle – jeopardizing your future. However, when you settle in your heart the price you must pay, it will enable you to deal with the challenges that come to test your resolve. You are no longer surprised when the storms come or when others say you cannot fulfill your dream. You will continue to press because you have embraced the vision and the process for fulfilling it. Your determination will be unshakable and your heart unmovable. You have to make up your mind and go for it.

Paying the price for Destiny is much like going to a very nice and expensive restaurant. After having a nice meal you really do not mind paying the bill, regardless of the cost. In fact, if the meal and service was good enough you will even give a big tip. Well, Destiny tastes good to the soul and is worth every penny both, financial and emotional to partake of it.

Once it is in you, it will begin to shine out of you. People will look and notice something different about your walk. They will hear something different in your talk. They might be so bold as to ask you; “Have you been eating at Destiny Cafe?” Then you will smile and proudly say; “Yes, I have.” 

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