My Wakeup Call

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

The process started December 29, 2008. One of my uncles died of complications related to high blood pressure and diabetes. He was a father figure to me and allowed me to live in his house from the age of four, until I moved out in my early twenties. His funeral was January 10, 2008. The stark reminder of a life lived without balance was now in front of me. He worked his entire life and did very well. He was married with two children and a single-family home. To this day, I do not know how he and my aunt did it.

Over a year prior to this day, God spoke to me about exercising when I got up in the mornings during the week. However, I would always make an excuse for not exercising. I was either too tired or not in the mood to exercise. Eventually, God stopped speaking to me about it, which is never a good thing. Then about a week or two after my uncle’s funeral, I got the results back from my routine blood work for my physical. I had high cholesterol.

I immediately, got a mental flash forward, long before the TV show came out. I saw myself having a heart attack and possibly dying before the age of fifty. At the time, I was forty-one. Then I remembered that my grandfather died from a heart attack when I was around seven years old. Seeing the cholesterol count and thinking about my grandfather and uncle, was more than enough to snap me back to reality. It was time to get my stuff together before it was too late.

“What good is it to have a bright future (Destiny), if you don’t live to see it?” – James A. Jimason

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