Check Your Environment – Part II

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Violate the design [for your life] and you forfeit the benefits contained therein. Again, just because we have the right to choose does not mean that every choice is right. For example, married couples who agree to have sex with other married couples are called “Swingers.” Although this lifestyle is consensual and accepted by many, it is still adultery and therefore wrong. The only swinging I’m doing is on a playground with my daughter. Don’t ever get it twisted!

Swingers = a person who indulges in promiscuous sex. A person who engages in the exchanging of spouses for sexual activities (that’s nasty), emphasis added  – Dictonary.com

Adultery = voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse. A violation or breach of a lawful marriage. – Dictonary.com

Being a drug dealer, gang member, homosexual or prostitute are lifestyle choices. However, none of us were destined to participate in these kinds of activities. Therefore, since these activities are lifestyle choices, I have the right to either accept them or reject them and so do you. In addition, these lifestyles should never be, celebrated or supported by the government or taxpayers’ money.

You may be wondering; what any of this has to do with fulfilling one’s Destiny? It is another drastic example of how a negative or positive environment can alter your thinking, your actions, and ultimately your Destiny.

Every major and some minor decision you make determines what happens next in your life. For every action, there is a reaction. The reaction then creates another reaction, resulting in a chain-reaction, or series of events from just one decision. Destiny requires that you make the right decisions at the right moments in order to fulfill it. You must pause at every fork in the road of life and make the right choice. Your Destiny (future) depends on what you do today.

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