Beware of Dream Killers!

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Inevitably, you will have to deal with people who will not like or understand your dream. You must be willing to stand alone with your dream, before others will follow. Do not allow anyone to speak anything over your life that is contrary to your dream. In addition, only share your dream with those who have your best interests at heart. You will know them by how they encourage you when you tell them about your dream. If they do not, then say very little and do not allow anything they may say negatively, to discourage you from continuing the process to obtain your dream/Destiny.

Dream Killers = typically those who are the closest to you – friends and family members who tell you what you cannot or should not do. They think they are helping you but really, they are not. Either they are speaking from a lack of personal vision for their own lives, or jealousy of seeing someone do what they themselves are afraid to do. Regardless, their negative words will hinder your efforts if you let them. – James A. Jimason

Obstacle = obstructions, hindrance, impediment, something that interferes with or prevents action or progress. An obstruction is something that more or less completely blocks a passage. A hindrance keeps back by interfering and delaying, e.g. interruptions are a hindrance to one’s work. An impediment interferes with proper functioning, like a speech impediment. – Dictonary.com

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