Fear’s Paralyzing Affects

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Fear is the number one thing that stops most people from pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their Destiny. You cannot do anything out of fear and expect positive results. Many people do not know they are living in fear. However, there are subtle indicators to look for to determine whether you are living by faith (confidence) of a brighter tomorrow or fear. For example, many parents send their children to private schools not because the education is better but because they believe, subconsciously that it will be a safer environment.

There is nothing wrong with private schools. However, we need to check to see what is really motivating us to send our children there versus public schools. Many will move out of the city to the suburbs because in their heart, they believe that it will be safer. However, when asked about the move they say they are going to raise a family and need the space, which may very well be true. However, is it the whole truth? Many will buy bigger cars or SUVs because in their heart they believe they will be safer, if they ever get into an accident. Although, they say it is for comfort. It is definitely not for the gas mileage.

Fear is the direct opposite and enemy to faith (confidence). You have to ask yourself, “Which one am I operating in, fear or faith?” The fruit or evidence of faith is action, moving forward in life to accomplish your dream. You cannot say you want to start a new business when you have not written a business plan. You cannot say you want to buy a house when you have not saved any money or begun looking for a house. Some love to talk a good game about what they want to do with their life, but the test of time will reveal whether they are living by faith or by fear.

Do not continue to settle for the ordinary. If you do not mix faith with your dream then it will become nothing more than a pipedream, i.e. a fantasy with no intent on becoming a reality.

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