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Your Destiny is Deeper than You Know

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Nuggets from – “For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny”

Let me show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes for your Destiny. Most people have a full or part time job. The reason they have a job is because their employer got a vision to start a company; which resulted in them being hired. In short, the employees are working hard to fulfill the employer’s dream (vision) instead of their own. The sad thing about it is that many people do not realize that the world has conditioned them to believe that this way of living is normal. You are supposed to get a good education; so you can get a good job; so you can make money; so you can buy nice things that will drastically increase your debt – keeping you a slave to that job (employer).

What will you have to show for all of this? Well, if you are “lucky” you will make it to retirement and live unhappily ever after on a fixed income – leaving a mountain of unpaid debt for your children instead of an inheritance when you die. Wow, you just have to love that. This is what we call the “American Dream.” Please. This is not what most people want for their life. However, because many have allowed fear to stop them from accomplishing their dream, they are left with the daily grind that is nothing short of a nightmare. If you allow fear to reside in your heart then you give it the authority to stop you.

When we look back over our lives, we can clearly see the experiences that cannot be changed. Our past is forever settled in our minds. However, our future is not nearly as settled because we cannot physically see it. We are left with only the dream that burns within our soul that speaks to us daily, longing to find expression. Therefore, we must internalize that dream as if it is fact. We must see it as forever settled just like our past and nothing that comes our way will change it. Only you can breathe life into your dream with the positive words you speak, and give birth to it by your actions. It must live. 

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